Import and Export Brazil
Import and Export Brazil
Import and Export Brazil



Audace Trade is based in Criciúma, hub city of the southern region of Santa Catarina state, with excellent levels of life quality, skilled labor and strong and diversified industrial sector. There are large companies in the region such as plastic and disposable products, chemical industry, metallurgical, clothing, ceramics, agribusiness and mining, as well as major builders, carriers and the largest supermarket chains in the state.


We work advising companies that already export or believe they have the potential to sell their products beyond the borders of the national territory. We serve all needs for structuring for export, i.e., from the early stages of registration of the company in the Receita Federal (Brazilian Customs Authority) system as exporter, through market research and sales, to the definition of strategies for product positioning abroad.


On import operations, Audace Trade has fiscal benefits that can, most of the times, be extended to the importers, making the purchase less expensive than when made on their own. We do an analysis of all operation costs, delivering the nationalized goods at the importer’s warehouse.


We work in partnership with companies established in Asia and in Europe. This allows us to improve safety on export and import operations.



To be reference on the Internacional Commerce in efficiency, credibility, quality and ethic in our negotiations.


To promote the ethical trade fair, giving greater visibility to regional Brazilian products and increasing the profitability in the sales of our clients, keeping the focus on the quality and safety of the products, by offering a professional and customized service.


Quality on the products and services, honesty and ethics in negotiations.